Detroit Lions The Lions Didn’t Lay Down In Denver [Detroit Lions News]

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Detroit Lions | The Lions Didn’t Lay Down In Denver![Detroit Lions News]
Welcome to Lunch Time Detroit Lions Talk! Detroit Lions On The Prowl’s main course we talk about how the Detroit Lions didn’t lay down vs the Broncos despite being undermanned because of injury and COVID-19. The score didn’t reflect the effort on the field.
In our Detroit Lions news update, LL looks at how the offense played against the Broncos on Sunday.
Next in our Detroit Lions News Coach Jones gives you his thoughts on the defense performed in Denver on Sunday.
In our final Detroit Lions News update Curt discusses the Boss Up Ball Out and Balled On Players of the game versus the Broncos.
All this, your comments read on air, the Dessert With Curt and so much more from your home of Detroit Lions news and rumors...Detroit Lions On The Prowl, brought to you by the Lions Nation Unite.

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