#3: (Fixing a) Crisis Club

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United are the talk of the town. This week on Devils in the Details, we rewatched the Brentford game and performed an autopsy, including every goal, issues in buildup, every United shot, key players, and how to fix it. We concluded by evaluating 16 different transfer rumours. Timestamps: The first goal (2:10), Buildup failures and the second goal (3:50), Set-piece routines and the third goal (15:50), Mbeumo’s wondergoal (19:25), Bad shooting habits (23:00), Lisandro Martinez (33:40), Christian Eriksen 6 / Fred 8 (36:50), Cristiano Ronaldo (40:25), Marcus Rashford (44:10). Transfer Rumours: Goalkeepers (47:00), Right-Backs (49:30), Casemiro (52:30), Moises Caicedo (56:15), Wingers (58:00), Strikers (1:01:20), James Garner (1:05:55)

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