Kinds of Freedom, Care, and Ignorance | The Sangha UK #55 | 6.5.22

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The Sangha discuss meditation as analogous to training a puppy in that we enjoy immediate rewards as opposed to delayed gratification, or seeking grace and mercy as a reward for working hard. #righteffort #concentration #delayedgratification

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00:00:00 Meditation takes a little bit of effort; immediate benefit, no benefit; fits and starts 00:08:48 What are you doing right now? Remembering and making a change; perfect sila 00:11:13 Concentration is what losers do because they expect to fail 00:14:52 Attitude and immediate benefit (MN 111); being completely free from unwholesome thoughts 00:19:05 Sati is the number one skill to be developed; like training a dog 00:23:31 “Enlightenment” is something you can experience right here, right now; practice being satisfied 00:36:12 Gaining benefit right here, right now is missing from Western meditation; wholesome pleasure (MN 36; MN 139) 00:42:52 Pseudo-discipline; grace and mercy; suffering greatly from things that never happen 00:46:21 Right effort: the least amount of effort to get the job done 00:57:19 Passive meditation vs. skin in the game; noting vs. discrimination and change 01:04:21 Free falling into fear; from conceptualisation to observation/examination 01:20:05 Panda the puppy; right watching is putting the mind into another gear; remember to look at what you’re doing and make a change

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