Soaking up Success | Robert Ca | 6.3.22

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Robert and Dhammarato talk about rules and reality, and developing the skills to build new habits. #habits #rituals #wisdom

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00:00:00 Wanting to be unhappy; resistance; the child (id) and the parent (superego) 00:05:20 Letting it sink in; keep practicing 00:11:30 Investigating the rules; the most common woeful state; four types in ok corral 00:21:00 Fear of losing happiness; fear of punishment; ignorance is the start 00:24:12 Giving up to being miserable; modifying lifetime habits; it’s ok to be happy 00:34:11 Reality is not the rules; protection, permission, and potency 00:42:49 Catching unwholesome thoughts; relishing being alive 00:59:16 Gladden the mind: celebrate that you’re still alive 01:00:00 Stupidity from the past; grand wisdom

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