Covid Kicked My A** But I‘m Okay!

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Apparently, the good Lord knew I needed to disappear for a bit and stop working and he also knew that I wouldn't just pick up myself and disappear for a few works.

So he sent Covid for me to ensure that I took a much-needed vacation from the interwebs lol.

Folks, I have been gone for a few weeks because I ended up getting Covid and it kicked my ass for 10+ days.

I am however on the mend, at the time of making this episode I'd safely say that I am at about 80% and thankfully no hospitalization was needed.

I just wanted to talk a little about my experience and dive into why you haven't seen me since the beginning of the month.

I encourage everybody to continue doing their due diligence, sanitize, build your immune systems and keep safe during these Covid times.

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