Is It Time For Caribbean Businesses To Ween Themselves Off Instagram?

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If you are a Caribbean-based business then nobody needs to educate you on how frustrating it has become to use Instagram to build your business.

You follow all the gurus, the experts, hire coaches and then begin to realize that all of the things they are teaching you in order to grow your brand exponentially are with tools or features that are not available in the Caribbean region.

At this point, to hope and pray for features to come to the Caribbean is foolish and you cannot build a business plan around the things you do not have access to.

That being said, when you start looking at all of the digital channels you can have or the other social media platforms that offer specific benefits, it may be time to start evaluating your digital strategy.

Linkedin, TikTok, Facebook and Youtube offer major benefits for Caribbean businesses and creatives that aren't available to us here in the Caribbean.

In this episode, we dive into detail why we should begin weening ourselves off of Instagram before it's too late and how the other social media and digital channels can be used to help grow our businesses in a big way.

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