Effectiveness of Audio Ads to Drive Voter Turnout in 2022 Midterms with Sean Duggan SXM Media

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Sean Duggan, VP of Advertising, SXM Media, talks about surprises and ongoing trends in the use of audio ads for political and advocacy campaigns. Decisions for media buys were delayed this year which meant that inventory was scarce, and campaigns found themselves making hasty decisions. The 2022 election cycle demonstrated that the audio audience could effectively be persuaded with compelling messages that leveraged geotargeting. This was particularly true in the most competitive congressional races.

We talk about:

  • Impact of audio ads in the last few weeks of the midterm campaigns
  • Campaigns that deployed GOTV takeovers of premium inventory in the hottest contested races meant a dominant share of voice
  • Frequency and targeting best practices
  • First election cycle with political ads on podcasts targeted at a state level
  • The life cycle of the ads for ballot initiatives
  • New and old mistakes that campaigns made in 2022 media buys
  • Predictions for 2023 and 2024 advertising strategies

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