National News Literacy Campaign with Sally Lehrman The Trust Project

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Sally Lehrman is a journalist and Founder and CEO of The Trust Project, a global consortium of news organizations responding to the misinformation crisis. With support from Microsoft and other partners, The Trust Project has launched the National News Literacy campaign to address the need to rebuild voters' trust in journalists and highlight sources of misleading and disinformation.

We talk about

  • Eight Trust Indicators to evaluate sources of information and opinions
  • Assessing news sites and journalistic value of information
  • Need for transparency to help differentiate between real news and click-bait
  • The believability of news from real journalists, hyperpartisan news sources, and the impact of confusing posts on social media sites
  • Educating the public about their ability to share accurate information and avoid misinformation
  • The Anxious Middle of news consumers

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