The Future Looks Glorious Unless We All Die First with Joe Rothstein Political Consultant and Author

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Joe Rothstein is a political consultant with vast experience working with candidates and causes. He is also the author of political thrillers with his newest, The Moment of Menace: The Future looks glorious unless we all die first, just released in time for the summer reading season. This is a story of U.S. President Isabel Tennyson, a Latina-American heiress, which seemed fanciful in the first book in this series published in 2016. Having taken notes along the way in his 30-year career, Joe is intent on educating readers about issues facing our society and how democracy can survive while providing a good read.

Joe and I talk about:

  • The real drama in political campaigns and the impact it can have on the candidate
  • The evolution of Fringe Politics
  • The changing nature of the spirit of competition between the parties
  • Putting party affiliation into perspective and mobilizing voters in the current environment
  • Sarah Palin's chance of being elected to the U.S. Congress

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The Moment of Menace by Joe Rothstein

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