The Great Unbundling - Banking in the era of fintech led modularisation w/ Shivani Mukherjee

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In this episode of Digital Transformation & Leadership Danny Levy talks to Shivani Mukherjee who works at Thought Machine, as Senior Partnerships Leader -APAC. She is responsible for strengthening the core banking partner ecosystem in the region to help banks transition out from legacy cores and transform into Digital first by integrating to Vault, a Cloud native platform.

Known as a flexible leader who collaborates with diverse teams, manages intricate projects, achieves stakeholder buy-in for crucial development initiatives, and deftly navigates dynamic markets. Shivani in her last role as Head of product & partnerships solutions at Rapyd, was a key contributor to the startup’s success in the Asia pacific market. One of the earliest employees at Rapyd, she wore many hats ranging from pre-sales, product up to delivery management which was instrumental in driving the four-fold growth for the company seen between 2018 to 2019.

As a leader in fintech she is highly regarded for guiding, supporting and delivering instrumental products to market that drove business development and sales. She was the Senior product owner-growth at N26, challenger bank in EU. An out-of-the-box thinker who champions creative solutions and well-received insights through smart interfacing with clients. At Grab, she helped build and launch reconciliation engines across SE Asia as well as devoting substantial time for the development and growth of two flagship products - GrabPay and GrabRewards. Her prior experience includes her role as a consulting engineer at Cognizant technology solutions where she delivered critical projects for legacy banking clients like Lloyds Banking Group, UBS, and CYBG.

In the episode Shivani shares how traditional banking is evolving due to fintech led modularisation, which technology forces are driving the transformation, the new winners and losers in financial services, what is in it for customers, financial inclusion, if incumbents should be worried about fintechs, and what emerging risks she sees with this great unbundling.

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