Episode 18: Viraj Bahl, Veeba

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“After one big failure (in QSR)… we sold our house - that was where the capital to start Veeba came from”. In this episode, join Arjun as he talks to Viraj Bahl– the powerhouse behind Veeba and the man who brought ‘sauce back to the fore’. Hear Viraj’s story of working in the oil rigs, starting and failing in a QSR business and then eventually beginning his journey with Veeba!. Today, Veeba is a household name but hear about Viraj’s struggle and resilience to crack his first large B2B account – Domino’s. From there, learn about the launch of the B2C brand that has now found its way to the homes of Indians across 500+ cities! In this episode to learn specifically about going all in, focussing on execution and playing for the long term outcome.

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