Episode 19: Shankar Prasad, Pureplay Lifescienes (Plum & Phy)

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“I joke with my team that I think more as a woman consumer than a male – that’s my instinct ”. In this episode, join Arjun as he talks to Shankar Prasad, the founder behind the original ‘house of brands’ in personal care - Pureplay Skin Sciences. Hear Shankar’s dream career journey with HUL, Mckinsey and Everstone until he finally gave it up to start up. Learn about the importance of purpose in a business and how Shankar chose to be vegan way back in 2014. Also don’t miss Shankar's insights on a brand being a ‘promise of value’ and, value being the best moat for any business! As the episode wraps up, pay close attention to his view on trends for beauty and personal care in India going forward…

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