Episode 21: Chirag Taneja, Gokwik

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“My sense is that we will see 8-10 more Mamaearth/Boat size startups in India (soon)”. In this episode, join Arjun as he talks to Chirag Taneja, the co-founder of one of India’s hottest D2C enablers, Gokwik. Hear Chirag’s story from banking, starting up, leading revenue at Bombay Shaving Company and finally starting the Gokwik journey. As all of us are seeing D2C brands growing exponentially, Chirag explains the need for enablers who solve existential and operational problems for founders. As the episode wraps up, pay close attention to his views on the trends for D2C in India(from the vantage point for someone who works closely with 50+ brands)…

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