Introducing: How Not to Raise a Serial Killer | Jeffrey Dahmer Part I: Beyond the Netflix Documentary

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This week, we’re featuring an episode from a podcast you should check out. How Not to Raise a Serial Killer, hosted by criminal psychologist Dr. Michelle Ward, is a true crime podcast that digs into the childhoods of some of the most notorious criminals and killers in order to learn from them and prevent future tragedies.

Join Michelle and her sister Heidi as they go beyond the new Netflix documentary, "DAHMER - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story." Learn more about Dahmer's childhood and disorders while Michelle answers your questions from Instagram! Listen now to wherever you get your podcasts.

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Dirty Money Moves is a collaboration between MURDERISH and Cloud10 Media.

Executive producers are Jami Rice and Sim Sarna.

Research, writing and producing by Devin Ruskin.

Emily Crain did the audio mixing and editing for this episode.

Josh Cooke composed the music and Brian Stefanik created the podcast cover art.

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