#106 - Movie Review - Down Periscope

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Welcome aboard the U.S.S. Discerning Geeks, where this week, we take a deep dive into the zany navy submarine comedy, "Down Periscope."

- Which cast member of this movie changed hair colors for this movie between seasons of the TV show she also starred in? And, who cares about an actress's hair color? And, will this be the last time Todd finds weird reasons to mention his "Picket Fences" rewatch?

- Which cast member of this movie was also a three-time contestant of "Survivor"?

- Which actor/comedian made his film debut as a minor supporting role in this movie, and why was he not in the movie more?

- What were some of the good & bad things about the comedy in this movie?

- Which co-hosts appreciated this being an underdog story?

- How good were the characters in the movie? Which characters did one co-host say were practically mutants...in a good way?

- What unexpected way does a Billy Joel reference make its way into the movie and into the review?

- Which characters' quirks did not work for one co-host?

- What are the main maneuvers, strategies, and command decisions made by Lt. Cmdr. Dodge in the movie, and which ones did the co-hosts most like or have issues with?

- What did the Geeks think about the female character in the movie; and when, in real life, did women start serving on U.S. submarines?

- Which funny quotes made it into the review?

- How highly did the Geeks rate this movie?

- And, which divisive MCU entry did we roll this time, to be reviewed in the near future?

Listen now for the answers to these and other depth-testing questions as we submerge for a deep dive into "Down Periscope."

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Public domain music used in the episode includes...

- Intro: A 1929 recording of "Anchors Aweigh," in the public domain due to age

- Lightning Round Clock: A shorter version of "Anchors Aweigh" via archive.org

- Outro: "marching-music-who39s-who-in-the-navy-blue-by-john-philip-sousa-99100" by Nesrality via Pixabay

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