#32 On Building One's Own Practice - Concrete expenses

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Dear Listeners, In this 3rd and, most likely, last episode on how to build one's own practice, we talk about the very concrete expenses one has to go through to start a practice. Most of this discussion does not apply if you only want to work remotely. Special Thank to our dear friend Tenille Blair Neff for joining us once more! Share with us your comments or questions directly at discussionsonpsychoanalysis@pm.me or on twitter twitter.com/DiscusOnPsycha Facebook www.facebook.com/groups/249668092601494/ SoundCloud @user-296153775 iTunes podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/disc…is/id1454139315 [0:21]Intro [03:27] NPI Number [04:09] An Office [12:41] A Professional Chair [21:38] A Desk [22:41] A Couch [27:11] Pillow(s), Rug, Shelves, Printer, Coat Hanger, Hand table [29:51] Lights in the office [31:41] Computer related Items [35:02] Insurances [37:05] Arts [38:32] Office and Practice Management [42:00] Ending

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