107 // Part 3: Become a Virtual Assistant and Start Working from Home with Only 15 Hours a Week

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I know you’re limited on time and wondering if you can become a Virtual Assistant when you have so many other things taking up your time each week.

That’s why I created this 3 day series for you, which will teach you how to grow and scale your Virtual Assistant business in only a few hours a week, so that you can replace your income, quit teaching, and start working from home with your kids faster.

On today’s episode of the Ditch the Classroom podcast, I’m going to break down exactly what you need to do in order to grow your Virtual Assistant business in just 15 hours per week.

Sign up for the free Virtual Assistant Workshop - https://ariannavernier.com/virtual-assistant-workshop

Join Teacher Turned Freelancer Academy – https://teacherturnedfreelancer.com

Join the free community – https://facebook.com/groups/ditchtheclassroom

Check out today’s show notes at https://ariannavernier.com/become-a-virtual-assistant-in-just-15-hours-a-week

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