Criminal In-justice System

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In this episode of Divided By Design , we explore the history of the American criminal justice system, and how systemic racism was a part of its DNA, from the advent of the slave patrol to laws that ensured both power and privilege were to be maintained by white males of wealth and their families. We will also look at the various ways in which the criminal justice system has evolved since Reconstruction, but yet maintains a strong grip on the rights and civil liberties of African Americans, women, and other minority groups to this very day. This episode features Harvard professor Dr. Khalil Gibran Muhammad, Alec Karakatsanis of Civil Rights Corps, ACLU’s Alanah Odums Hebert, Nicole Porter of the Sentencing Project, longtime police chief and reform leader Charles Ramsey, and Baltimore Police Superintendent Michael Harrison.

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Written by Byron C. Hunter
Music by Jay Weigel
Editing & Sound Design by Nick Luca
Executive Producers: Ryan Berni, Robert Cappadona & Jeremiah Tittle

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