How to Win as a Pro Se Father

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Mark Reel is owner of Reel Father's Rights and has been through the system. He was treated so badly that he went to law school to learn how to fight back.

Mark discusses how to win at Pro Se, what to avoid and why fathers are held to a different standard.

Angry text messages are now considered domestic abuse

Why preponderance of the evidence is bullshit and why your federal rights are violated as a result.

Why fathers are trying to overcome 60 years of lobbying.

Why Best interest of child is in name only and not in practice

Mark's #1 rule for father's success

Why judges often get it wrong due to case overload


Sports and Fitness Exec for a decade. Graduated law school in 2017, didn't take the bar until 2020, inspired by 3.5 year custody battle. Founded Fathers Rights Law Firm in 2021.

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