"Independent Bones" By: Carolyn Haines

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“ Independent Bones ” Author: Carolyn Haines Publisher: St . M artin’s Price: $26.99 (Hardcover) Pages: 355 New “Bones” Mystery Tackles Feminist Issues “Independent Bones” is the 23 rd in the Haines “ Bones ” series. At first, I thought this book would be set around the F ourth of July but that is not the case. Once again we are in Zinnia, Mi s sissippi, in the Delta, in the autumn. Sarah B ooth Delaney is now happily engaged to the hunky sheriff, Colman Peters, and her partner in detection, Tinkie Belcase Richmond , is very, precipitously, pregnant. A t the opening of a new park, the speaker is Professor Alala Diakos, originally from Athens, Greece but now on leave from Ole Miss, living in Zinnia while writing a b o ok on feminism and the abuse of women — financially, emotionally and physically She has podcasts, a YouTube channel and is big on Instagram and Twitter . “A social media maven ,” Diakos is waging “a war on p atriarchal society .” She is heckled by Curtis Miller , a mean

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