48: JOHN HENRY - Part 2: Unconnected And Free

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I proclaim that John Henry Part 2 has arrived! We only just begin our journey on the dark roads of John Henry, They Might Be Giants' fullest length rockingest album! First we spin your head round and round all afternoon as we get freaky with Sleeping In the Flowers, in an England-size segment drowning in information, entertainment, and infotainment! Then Jordan smiles because Dave is funny, as we mean what we say about the not-tender ballad Unrelated Thing. We're not joking when we tell you that joining us in this segment is lead guitarist on the song, Jay Sherman-Godfrey! Jay talks about recording John Henry, collaborating with John and John, and the special contraption that provided the guitar sound on the song! After a full day's listening to the podcast, finally, we only have time for one last ride with AKA Driver, as we stay in our lane and discuss the effects of Nyquil, the origins of the song, and the shocking controversy behind the title. So tell your boss that you've been fired, don't seem ungrateful, put your big hand on the play button and your little hand on the volume! Hey podcast listeners, it's podcast listening time!

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