Episode 038 - Disaster and Recovery Relief for Small Business - Interview with Allied National

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Trillions of dollars are available from the federal government through the Small Business Administration as administered by national and local banks. While the LA Lakers and Harvard University received millions of dollars, why haven't some small business owners received their share of the stimulus? What are the resources available to small business and how can they push their application to the front of the line?

In today's episode, Jorge Morales interviews Michael David of Allied National, a national debt recovery firm with clients across the U.S. Given the current Coronavirus Pandemic and the Great Lockdown, Allied National is applying their know-how and expertise to the betterment of the small business community. Tune in today's podcast and receive valuable insight from an insider's perspective.

Allied National Inc., can be found at www.andc.com or call them at 800-456-5770. For the new tenant assistance services please visit www.disasterassistance.net.

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