Episode 041 - Contract Law and Breaches of Contract- Interview with Attorney Jonathan Arias

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What is a contract and what defines a breach of contract? With so many questions swirling around force majeure and coronavirus and rent payment defaults, are there any common law statutes that may benefit a business owner? What happens when one party cannot perform under the specified terms of the contract? Ever heard of "frustration of purpose" or laws on "impossibility"?

In today's podcast, author and commercial real estate veteran Jorge Morales interviews Jonathan Arias of The Onyx Group, a law firm dedicated to fight for the rights of landlords and business owners. Jonathan has a great story and his mission is to "create companies that create good." Tune into this most informative look at your rights under a lease agreement.

To contact Jonathan Arias, please visit https://www.theonyxgrouplegal.com/.

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Jorge Morales is President of Blue Box Real Estate, a South Florida commercial real estate firm that provides commercial real estate solutions for landlords and tenants. Find Blue Box at www.blueboxre.com.

Blue Box Real Estate, LLC is a Lic. Real Estate Broker.

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