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It didn't take long after introductions for Honch to say that he wanted Nicolas Cage inside of him. D follows up with a bad impersonation of Alf.
Eventually we make our way into the real news.
Down south, where there was a gas shortage, a woman in South Carolina attempted to run from Police, and ended up crashing the vehicle with 'multiple explosions' taking place. As it turns out the woman had loaded up the vehicle with gas from a gas station. She was engulfed in flames...and the police offer forced her to 'stop, drop, and roll'.
The lesson? Don't hoard fuel people!! Eleanor didn't fall too far from the tree, where she actually covered herself in gasoline. She was pumping and gas went everywhere, including her hair. It reminds us of the post cow tipping scene in Tommy Boy with the forever remembered Chris Farley.
A mother has started a GoFundMe after her son ordered thousands of dollars in popsicles in Amazon, which resulted in over 900 Sponge Bob frozen popsicles, and she is unable to return them. Never leave your kids alone people!!!
Bubba loves to leave us with his daily dad jokes!
Eleanor took us on a story adventure about her visit to the Chiropractor
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