You’re The Cure, May 17, 2021

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On today’s show, Dr. Ben visits with Sue Becker from

You can get more information about the wellness classes offered by Veritas at or find more about Veritas Medical (and find archived shows) at

Dr. Ben begins by going over some of the statistics surrounding the safety and efficacy about the covid vaccine.

2:25 – He touches on deception being at an all-high, and how the Bible warned us of this.

12:02 – Dr. Ben talks about processed foods to lead into welcoming Sue Becker to the show.

14:27 – Sue begins by speaking to Dr. Ben’s talk about deception and how that relates to “enriching” foods. She goes in to how and why foods oxidize, and what exactly prompted the food industry to remove the bran and germ.

19:58 – Breakouts of Beriberi, Pellagra and Anemia lead to the mandated enriching of the flour with only 4 of the over 30 vitamins and minerals that were taken away. This led to a cascade of health issues.

24:35 – Sue uses some scriptures in the Bible to paint a picture of what was foretold to happen in the last days.

32:32 – Satisfaction vs. Gluttony

After the break, Dr. Ben asks Sue several questions.

38:50 – What are the basics of getting started?

41:37 – Do you eat wheat everyday with every meal? You can find information on products and her books at

43:57 – What advice would you give to people who have not had grains in a long time?

48:07 – Dr. Ben shares about gut bacteria, which Sue provides some input on.

51:47 – Sue finishes the show by speaking to the financial aspects of milling your own grain.

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