Healing Your Pelvis with Dr. Rebecca Patton

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Dr. Rebecca Patton has a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Duquesne University and also has extensive training through the Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute, and she is the founder and owner of Patton Pelvic Health.

Her vision for Patton Pelvic Health was created out of a necessity to provide more individualized and personal care to those who are experiencing pelvic health concerns. She was frustrated with a rushed and protocol-based healthcare system that was not prioritizing individuals. She wanted to create a space to empower patients to be included in their medical care. She is humbled that patient’s trust her with providing care regarding personal and often stigmatized issues. She specializes in treating all genders who have been experiencing pelvic pain, bowel, or bladder concerns. Her goal is to minimize additional trauma that can occur from navigating a complex medical system and create a personalized care plan together with her patients. Her passion is to destigmatize pelvic health across the gender and sexual identity spectrum. Everyone should have the chance to feel secure in managing their bowel and bladder health and have pain-free sex. She knows the burden that people carry when they are dealing with pelvic health concerns. She wants to give you back your power and help you feel confident in your body!


Instagram: rebeccapatton_dpt

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