Helping Parents Heal with Elizabeth Boisson

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Elizabeth Boisson is the President and Co-Founder of Helping Parents Heal. She has four beautiful children, two of whom are in spirit: Chelsea, who passed when she was two days old, and Morgan, who transitioned at the Base Camp of Mount Everest in Tibet while on a university exchange program with 13 other students when he was almost 21 years old. She also has two beautiful daughters: Alix, 28, pursuing a Ph.D. in Public Health at the Gillings School at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Christine, 26, who recently graduated with a master’s degree in art history from University College London.

On October 20, 2009, while Morgan was undergoing CPR on Mount Everest, Elizabeth asked his roommate to put his phone up to Morgan’s ear. Then, while speaking to her son, she felt him hug her from the inside. It was at that moment that she realized that love lives forever. A week later, Elizabeth started Parents United in Loss and then began holding monthly parent meetings in Arizona. Three years later she joined forces with Mark Ireland to create the nonprofit support group Helping Parents Heal, which currently has over 130 affiliate groups and 17,500 members throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, South Africa, India, Australia, and New Zealand.

Elizabeth lived for several years in New Delhi, India, with her family while her father worked for the World Health Organization, and then spent 15 years in France while studying and then starting a family. She did her undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the Université Paul Valéry in Montpellier, France. She also taught at both universities.

In addition, Elizabeth is a certified yoga instructor and teaches yoga for healing grief.






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