Making Sense of Chaotic Times Through a Shamanic Lens with Itzhak Beery

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Itzhak Beery is a leading shamanic teacher, healer, speaker, community activist, and author of three Amazon bestsellers books. He received 'Ambassador for Peace Award’ from The Universal Peace Federation and the UN. Since 1995, he bridges the spiritual and practical wisdom his indigenous and Western teachers entrusted in him with a powerful contemporary approach relevant to our stressful and unbalanced modern times. ​ Itzhak lead and participates in numerous online webinars, shamanic circles, and trips to the Ecuadorian Andes, the Amazon and Yucatan.

Itzhak's work has been featured in a variety of worldwide publications including the New York Times, radio, and television. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and festivals, and he hosts and participates in shamanic webinars. He is the author of 3 books: The Gift of Shamanism: Visionary Power, Ayahuasca Dreams, and Journeys to the Other Realms Shamanic Transformations: True Stories of the Moment of Awakening Shamanic Healing: Traditional Medicine for the Modern World ​ ​He is the founder/publisher of: the global shamanic resource hub. -Co-founder of the New York Shamanic Circle. -Founder of The Shamanic Andes Summit- https://w

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