Turning Right and Inspiring Magic with Award Winning Author Kay Bretz

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Kay Bretz is an award winning author who received the silver medal at the 2021 Living Now Book Awards in the category of best male memoir for his book Turning Right: Inspire The Magic: How to Transform Who You Think You Are to Reach Your Highest Aspirations.

Kay thrives on embarking on quests which appear impossible. Accomplished in the corporate world, he seeks personal growth by entering the world of ultra-running where he learns to master the inner game. A challenging journey of emotional development unfolds, letting go of his limiting beliefs.

Lifting his performance by 22% in 18 months, he becomes the fastest-ever Australian at the 24-hour world championships in 2019. His insights go beyond what it takes to achieve world-class results and have helped him since to be a more effective corporate leader.

Anyone can step into their greatness – all we need is the courage to walk new paths in the midst of chaos, to choose a "right turn".


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