DeSantis Airlines, Leftist Establishment Criminalizes Dissent, Memory Holes for Vaccine Mandates

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Broadcasting from the Free State where illegal Border Crossers are getting one way tickets to Liberal Paradises on DeSantis Airlines. Libs will tell you that it's inhumane but don't let them fool you. Despite all of their virtue signaling, these elite snobs no more want migrant brown people in their neighborhoods than does Barack Obama himself. Mayors Bowers, Lightfoot, and Adams make a big show of being Sanctuary City mayors but don't want any of the border crossers in their cities. Hypocrites. Leftists in the media, Govt, and law enforcement are doing their best to intimidate right-leaning voters into not expressing their opinions. Hiding behind such banners Protecting our Democracy™ and Fighting White Supremacy, these totalitarians seek to root out any and all political dissent so that they can have One Party Rule once and for all. They aren't afraid to use the police to get there either. In our Post Constitutional America you must be brave and fight these tyrants. Remember vaccine mandates and firing people for not getting vaccines, even if it was against their will? Well, the Navy and now the Marines are attempting to put that in the Memory Hole. Both services are walking back their intolerant, anti-liberty edicts just as Big Corps are doing the same. What changed? Is their something on the horizon about vaccines they aren't telling us.

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