Excess Deaths, Dems for DeSantis, Illegal Immigration Votes, Facebook Spied for FBI

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Broadcasting from the Free State of Florida. First day of Fall and it's still 92 degrees! Oh well, beats the snow. Excess deaths are deaths than are higher than the year-to-year average. They are possibly related to Covid lockdown policies and possible related to Covid [censored]s. Are we allowed to talk about myocarditis and pericarditis? Here's Mark Steyn's take https://youtu.be/gkQ7LsHPASA Gov. DeSantis has a war chest bigger than in Gov in history and just picked the endorsement of a key Dem in a deep Blue county. That's good news. Now we just need to make sure he doesn't run for Prez until 2028. Why? Because the establishment will turn their guns on him and try to take him out just the same as Trump. Facebook spied on private messages and reported them to the FBI. Just another reason not to be on these social sewers. What is the payoff for illegal immigration? Votes. But do people who come here illegally automatically vote for Dems? It looks like they may be switching to GOP because they hate crime and inflation too. DoctorTommy.com/podcast

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