(Florida) Red Wave, End of Trump or End or MAGA, Elections Should Be on Election Day

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Broadcasting from the Free State where the GOP sailed on a red wave while the rest of the country saw a split decision victory for the GOP. Trump has his eyes set on DeSantis. With his recent threat to reveal "dirt" on DeSantis, Trump has proven that his time has past. DeSantis is for the sure the future of the GOP whether the former POTUS likes it or not. We will see how Trump handles this going forward. Progressive states and conservative states hold serve in the governor's races with a few still up in the air. Maricopa County has its biennial election failure so we're not sure if Lake or Hobbs won yet. Media will now focus on destroying DeSantis. Hopefully Trump will not be there for the assist. DoctorTommy.com/podcast

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