FrankenCovid, Hot for Teacher, How to Make Schools Safe, EV Bombs, Mouse Brains Play Pong

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Broadcasting from the Free State of Florida where EVs wet from Hurricane Ian are blowing up due to corroded batteries. Just how "green" are EVs, according to some not green at all. Did you know it takes 500,000 lbs of material to make a 1000 lb battery. That's just the beginning of the carbon debt from an EV. Where does EV energy come from? Well, it's kind of like where did the money Obama was giving away come from, the people getting don't know but they know it good. In the case of EVs it's green and in the case or the money it's from "Obama's stash" H/T Rush Limbaugh Scientists have created a new variant of Covid that kills 80% of the mice it infects. It combines the infectivity of Omicron with the lethality of the original strain. And why exactly did they do this? A teacher aide in Ohio faces 5 years for having sex with a 17 year-old eight times. Seems a little harsh to us unless the 17 year had some kind of mental incapacity. We debate arming teachers to make schools safer. Tracy has misgivings, I say make each school have a "civilian swat team" to deter these wretched psychos. Why are we creating injection stations for drug addicts while mentally ill homeless go without any care?

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