Godfather, Banana Republic of America, Vax Myocarditis, New IRS Army, Affirmative Action

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Broadcasting from the Free State of Florida which is part of the Banana Republic of America. The Establishment is after Donald Trump because they are after Free Thinkers. That's it. Donald Trump is the temporary face of the opposition. The opposition is Americans who believe in Equal Justice Under the Law and who oppose Rule of the Elites. Simple. And when Trump is gone, they will move on to the next face of the movement until the movement is dead. Which brings to mind the Inflation Reduction (ahem!) Act which is going to build an Army of IRS agents. What is the chance these agents of the Establishment aren't coming after you? Better yet, what evidence can you point to to show they won't come after dissidents? The recent history is rife with persecution based on political belief be it Lois Lerner slow-walking conservative non-profit applications or the Jan 6 Gulag of political dissidents. They are probably adding this to my file as we speak (Hi Guys!). There is a Thai study preprint that shows 3.5% rate of myocarditis/pericarditis in Pfizer vaccine recipients. If that is true, and can be extrapolated, then we are in serious trouble. Will the truth ever be known? The Supreme Court is hearing a case on Affirmative Action. Question. Is it okay to negatively discriminate against a person based on skin color, and if so, which colors should we give special treatment to? DoctorTommy.com/podcast

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