Getting SUCKERPUNCHED By Maggie Lindemann

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This week’s guest doesn’t need your approval ‘cause she’s never gonna change, pop rock sensation Maggie Lindemann!

Off the heels of her debut album, Suckerpunch, Maggie explains what it was like working with legendary producer John Feldmann to create the genre-bending 15 track release. We get into the inspiration behind the lyric videos for each track on the record. Maggie also explains what it’s like to engage with the audience during her first headlining shows and what her goals are for the next year.

We take a dive into Maggie’s personal life, including how she was able to amass such a huge following as an Instagram OG. We discuss the bullying culture and hardships that social media imposes upon a younger generation. Maggie also reveals how Instagram led to her current relationship with Utah Jazz star Jordan Clarkson.

We also learn on this episode:

  • Why Maggie hates “merch” and how SWIXXZ came about
  • What sport Maggie favorited growing up
  • Maggie’s favorite Halloween costume
  • If Maggie wants to purse a career in acting

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