26: Episode 26 - MVP LokiGator

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We're late with this episode, and it's all Cait's fault. She was in the hospital last week with a kidney infection (she's fine now, unfortunately), and we recorded this after she got home (but was still pretty out of it, so ignore whatever she says).
While Original Gen and Cait will never agree about green vs red GATORade, the important thing though is that all the DMG gals are still 100 percent Team LokiGator...with the exception of Original Gen's newfound love of Classic Loki (aka SpandexKinkLoki), and a nod to Kid Loki's chilling nexus event.
But, you gotta admit, it doesn't get better than Kid Loki and LokiGator doing "Get help!" in the Lokis vs. Lokis scene. Is it too late to ask for a Classic Loki & LokiGator roommate comedy spin-off?
Also, don't forget that we keep going on the 190 Proof episode! The weekly Hiddles handprn update, Dom Loki vs. sub Loki, and why is Cait still angry about the stupid planet? It's ALL THERE: patreon.com/drunkmythologygals

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