49: Episode 49 - The One Where Cait Burns Sh*t

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It's mostly about booze and setting sh*t on fire. But who doesn't enjoy that? Cait goes full Celtic pagan (meaning drinks a lot of whiskey), including a LIVE "Not to F*cking Scale" moment, Professor Cait mini-lecture, and attempts to keep the dogs (I'm looking at you, Meadow) from catching on fire. Eric is also present with the sacred ceremonial blowtorch (an ancient druidic relic). And yes, there is the plum pudding. And yes, it does catch on fire.
This episode is also available as a video on YouTube - check out: https://youtu.be/i4inP_iGfVw
*** From Olympus to Valhalla, we've got the goods on the gods, so join Cait, Original Gen, the Other Jenn, and SFX Kim as they spike and spill all the divine tea!
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