63: Episode 63 - Other Jenn's Debut

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Life happens. Welcome to Episode 12.
Sometimes Norse myth is about Ragnarok. Other times it's just two guys screaming insults at each other across a river. Enjoy a dramatic reading of "The Hárbarðsljóð," or Harbard, a poem from the Poetic Edda where a ferryman (who is totally not Odin) roasts Thor and ruins his day. Thor is angry and confused.
This is also Other Jenn's DEBUT episode with us, and since it's her one year anniversary of joining the show, it seems right to take a look at just how far we have come.
From Olympus to Valhalla, we've got the goods on the gods, so join Cait, Original Gen, the Other Jenn, and SFX Kim as they spike and spill all the divine tea!
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