#209 - Jeff Nobbs: Zero Acre - $37 MILLION to Reinvent Cooking Oil

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Jeff Nobbs is the co-founder & CEO of Zero Acre Farm, an environmentally-focused food company. Nobbs has been an entrepreneur from day 1. As a teenager in 2006, he cofounded cashback shopping website Extrabux. It was acquired by ebates in 2014. In 2015, Nobbs jumped into the food scene and started a healthy, fast-casual restaurant Kitava — which he still owns today. When COVID hit, he co-founded HelpKitchen to combat food insecurity. HelpKitchen has since served millions of free meals to people in need. And in 2020 he decided it was time enter the oil business. At the same time, he cofounded Zero Acre Farms to remove destructive vegetable oils from the food system.

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Jeff Nobbs - Co- Founder & CEO of Zero Acre Farms

Ramon Berrios - CEO of Trend.io
Blaine Bolus - COO of OmniPanel

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