Dropping a Cool Million in Sales in Ten Minutes with Nell Diamond from Hill House Home and Ricky Choi from Outerspace

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Welcome to the DTC Podcast, I'm Eric Dyck. Today we're diving deep into the world of back-end fulfillment and warehouse operations for brands attempting the Drop Model. Our expert guests are founders Nell Diamond from Hill House Home and Ricky Choi from Outerspace

Work with Outerspace ➝ https://outerspace.com

Get a Nap Dress ➝ https://hillhousehome.com

Hill House Home has been around since 2016 but really blew up when Nell created "The Nap Dress." Tune in to hear how this product skyrocketed the brand and led Hill House to need a new fulfillment partner.

Ricky Choi built Outerspace from the needs of his own apparel brand and offers a much more flexible, valuable, and granular service than a lot of back-end partners. Listen to this cast to hear:

The creation of a viral product -- How a dress to nap in caught the world's attention

Ins and outs of the drop model and what Nell wishes she knew before starting

Outerspace's key differentiators and the new model for back-end fulfillment

Work with Outerspace ➝ https://outerspace.com

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