Ep 214: Death Wish Coffee's Will Critcher Spills The Beans

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Hello and welcome to the DTC Podcast, I’m Eric Dyck

Today we’re caffeinating with Death Wish Coffee’s Ecommerce Director Will Critcher.


Death Wish Coffee is an amazing DTC brand, starting in 2012 as the world’s strongest coffee, and growing into 8 figures and massively accelerating during the pandemic when we all turned to the bean to keep us going.

Will is a performance marketing veteran, so this podcast is filled with usable advice like:

  • How team alignment on the retail side of the business has created a halo effect in the DTC world
  • The Superbowl ad experience, and what it did for DeathWish
  • Why their super-premium designation and tagline “the strongest coffee in the world” has been essential to their growth
  • How the addition of a quick shop has exponentially increased the size and rate of their add-to carts
  • And why Will would direct our $50K grant to a Pornhub test…

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