DW:60's Press Row - #130

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Did we get your attention? Good, because we have a new episode of DW:60 this week! And we will be telling you all about where you can find a candle you can chow down on inside the parks! We’re also chatting about new guidance that was released regarding physical distancing and we finally got confirmation from Bob Chapek himself, that capacity in the parks has increased. Like we couldn’t already tell Bob! We have a ton of birthdays to celebrate, plus an anniversary and an email from a listener too! We gave them some advice a few weeks back and you’ll have to listen to find out if they liked it or if we royally messed up.

If you have any questions or comments about the show, there are a few different ways to contact us. You can find us on Twitter @dw_60, on Facebook via the DW60’s Press Row page, @dw60pressrow on Instagram, or just send an email to dw60@srsounds.com. Want to listen to DW:60 in its entirety, listen to Sorcerer Radio at 8am ET every Friday over at www.srsounds.com, the Sorcerer Radio App, or listen anytime On-Demand via the Sorcerer Radio App as well.

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