Hong Kong Activists Bet Their Lives That China Won’t Kill It’s Golden Goose

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As millions of people take to the streets of Hong Kong to fight for their freedom and independence, a wave of young pro-democracy candidates were recently elected to District Council. From the frontlines of protest to political office, Dylan Ratigan interviews three leading members of a changemaking movement that has featured an unprecedented number of “women warriors.” With Hong Kong as the gateway between China and the rest of the world, it is easy to see their fight for independence as a battle in the culture war between Chinese and Western interests. However, what we are witnessing in Hong Kong is also unfolding in more than a dozen nations around the world. Whether it is in cities like Barcelona, Beirut, La Paz, Paris, Madrid or Delhi, people are taking to the streets in record numbers. While each nation clearly has its own complex cultural and political dynamics at work, there is a global trend and thread that links the whole: old established centralized systems of power, which consolidate wealth and resources at the expense of local populations, are under attack and clinging to power, as technological breakthroughs are decentralizing power and spreading pro-democracy movements throughout the world in unprecedented fashion. In this new three-part series, we get a better understanding of what is happening on the ground in Hong Kong right now. Why are millions of people taking to the streets? What exactly is happening? Who is involved? Why is it relevant to America and people around the world?

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