EastEnders Weekly EP 74: Gray’s Fifty Shades

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On this week’s edition of the Weekly EastEnders Podcast, we discuss episodes from 8th to 12th July 2019.

TIME STAMPS - Find the content you would like to listen to… but don’t skip too much!

00:00:00 - Hello and Welcome to Your Weekly Officially Unofficial EastEnders Recap!

00:01:49 - ‘At Her Whit’s End’ - Feat. Whitney, Callum and Stuart

00:09:00 - ‘Honey’s CC Too Much’ - Feat. Honey, Adam and Billy

00:19:34 - Feature - “Fan Fiction” - A story about Ballum’s first night together at a posh hotel

00:36:38 - ‘Bobby Phones a Friend’ - Feat. Bobby and Kathy

00:43:30 - ‘Baby Abi’s Cat Calling’ - Feat. Rainie, Jack, Max and Ian

00:52:55 - Game - “Cor, It’s Stinks in ‘Ere”

00:58:03 - ‘The 10 K(aren’s Extended Family)’ - Feat. Chantelle, Gray, Mitch, Mick, Linda and Karen

01:11:28 - ‘Mo Tells a Porky’ - Feat. Kat, Stacey, Jean, Mo, Kush and Martin

01:17:48 - “...I’m Not One To Gossip...” / “Who Won The Week?”

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