Episode 00 | From Anne Shirley to Zora Neale Hurston: An Introduction to a Foodie/Bookish Podcast

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Why did Anne of Green Gables invite her minister over for cold tongue? What was up with Ma’s Spider Pan in Little House on the Prairie? And why were the heroines obsessed with currants, blancmange and calf’s foot jelly? A snappy sketch of everything the bookish stars have to teach us about how to nourish and flourish here and now.



If your bookish/foodie heart goes thump at the thought of deconstructing the picnic in Emma, the semi-murderous ingredients in Anne of Green Gables’ “liniment cake,” and the swoony sentences Maya Angelou used to describe barbeque sauce, do we have a podcast for you!

In this episode, we unpeel the show that promises to feed both your inner book geek and epicure, with segments such as: Time Travel (historical dishing), Heroine Spotlight, Cook Like a Heroine (recipes), Heroine Takeaways, Bookseller’s Daughter and Friend Recommend (book reviews), Heroine Challenges and Maud’s Mailroom.

Do drop us a line at hello@jennyewilliams.com and tell us what excites you about learning to eat like a heroine!
Theme Music: "Beyond the Ponds" by Francis Wells

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