Episode 2 | Picnic Like a Heroine, Part 2: Elevate Your Blanket Banquet with Maya Angelou

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As we turn our heroine’s spotlight on Maya Angelou (who took “blissful stickiness” to a whole new level), we also reveal how the picnic moved outdoors, and how the French came to be involved in a baguette-big way.Shownotes:

You know what’s sticky? Barbeque sauce, that’s what. But very nice for picnics.
Today, we use Emma as a picnicking cautionary tale and fly over to Maya Angelou, who wrote the most glorious sentence of all time about barbeque sauce. We discuss her masterwork, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, and gush about her writing. Finally, we recommend marvel-ous ways to add some lumens (units of light) to your next picnic.


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