Episode 3 | Everything Anne of Green Gables Ate (and Dropped Like a Red Hot Coal)

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Was Marilla Cuthbert really running a secret bakery? What was Gilbert Blythe thinking when he offered Anne that luscious strawberry apple? And how did Anne end up serving her idol Vicks Vapo Rub layer cake, and nearly poisoning her to death? We found 13 food references–from the Raspberry Cordial-ridiculous to the sublime, in our favorite book.


Listen, it’s Gilbert Blythe for us, even if he was HIGHLY ill advised in giving Anne Shirley that apple.

Today, we do a deep dive into every morsel of food described in Anne of Green Gables. From the crab apple preserves on the table while Marilla Cuthbert awaited the mysterious orphan “boy,” to the cake Josie Pye demanded from Anne at Queens, we’ve found 13 food references, from the delicious to the dangerous!

Spruce gum trivia: https://oldyorkmuseums.wordpress.com/2012/11/05/what-is-it-guess-and-check-back-next-monday-november-12-2012/

We feel like we hit our stride in this 4th show. Agree? How about a review? We would give you an apple from Gilbert’s orchard if we could.

Do drop us a line at hello@jennyewilliams.com and tell us what excites you about learning to eat like a heroine!
Theme Music: "Beyond the Ponds" by Francis Wells

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