Episode 4 | Comfort Like a Heroine Part 1: Pollyanna, Jo March, and Other Visiting Angels

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One thing that struck us as we read classic novels is the many references to our heroines taking food to sick people. Today we revisit “invalid care,” and show how bookish stars such as Pollyanna and Jo March teach us how to become more thoughtful, compassionate, and supportive via food and drink to our friends and family today.


Pollyanna, you’re killing us here with this meat jelly thing! And Jo March–what on earth is blancmange and why did you bring it to Laurie?

Today we tell you how to comfort like a heroine through food and drink, walking in the bouncy footsteps of Pollyanna, who never entered a sick room without bearing a quivering bowl of calf’s foot jelly. We also compare Pollyanna with Anne of Green Gables (could Eleanor Porter have plagiarized our LMM?), and share our best tips for pulling together the most comforting care packages.

Blancmange recipe: https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/peach-bavarian/

How do you care for sick and injured friends and family? Drop us a line at Hello@jennyewilliams.com.
Theme Music: "Beyond the Ponds" by Francis Wells

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