041: Ezra Firestone, Multi-Million Dollar E-commerce Serial Entrepreneur

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In this episode of Ecommerce Uncovered, Ezra Firestone (CEO/Co-founder of Boom, Smart Marketer, and Zipify Pages), dives into his decade long history in E-commerce, from his days selling gift baskets on the Yahoo store in 2005 to the multi-million dollar earner we know today. He talks about playing poker for a living with gangsters, selling Elvis wigs, growing up in a hippie commune, and how he traded poker lessons for SEO, webinar and landing page knowledge. Ezra explains his Love Demo Love process for creating ads, his competition with Wayfair, the testimonial sandwich, and strategies to take advantage of in 2023. Lastly they get into the importance of listening to customer feedback, how to balance stress managing a 180 employee team, running unconventional ads and the ones that worked for him.

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