Insights from behavioural economics & science regarding COVID responses

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QUT's Dr Stephen Whyte speaks with Economics Explored host Gene Tunny about insights from behavioural economics and science regarding COVID responses.

Stephen is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Behavioural Economics in the School of Economics & Finance, QUT. His research focus explores large scale decision making in mate choice settings. His work takes a multi-disciplinary approach in studying key sex differences in human behaviour, with work that bridges the fields of applied micro-economics, personality & social psychology, and evolutionary biology. His most recent research has explored such diverse topics as sex differences in nonbinary gender identification, male & female decision making in assisted reproductive & donor insemination medical environments, and preferences vs choice in cyber dating markets.

Material relevant to the discussion

Stephen's co-authored paper:

Can Psychological Traits Explain Mobility Behavior During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Stephen's Brisbane ABC radio interview:

COVID lockdowns prove Aussies aren't larrikins after all

Economics Explored interview with Stephen's colleague Prof. Benno Torgler:

Certified Corona-Immunity as a Resource with Prof. Benno Torgler

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